So Joanna turned three today (the 11th.)  I can’t believe it’s been three years already! It has gone by as quickly as veteran mommies told me it would!  I am just trying to savor every minute — another blink of the eyes and she’ll be turning ten!!…

This day three years ago sure changed our lives!  People tried to tell us how much things would change after having a kid… but I don’t think we fully believed them.  Boy, were we wrong!  I can hardly remember what it was like “before” — but I wouldn’t trade this “after” for anything!  It has been pure joy.  Not always easy!!… but pure joy!  

Jo was born at 4:45 in the afternoon after a relatively easy labor (Ha! I can say that now!  I remember the first time I heard Peter tell someone how “easy” Jo’s delivery had been — I wanted to punch him!!! 🙂  We were actually kind of surprised when the doctor announced “it’s a girl!”  We hadn’t had an ultrasound to discover the baby’s gender, but we were both pretty convinced that we were having a boy!  It was a wonderful surprise, though. 

Joanna was born with the darkest little (and perfectly arched) eyebrows!  It was the first thing I noticed when I saw her.  She really looked like a little girl — she had very dainty features.  We hadn’t fully decided on a name for her, but as soon as we saw her we knew she was “Joanna” (God is gracious.)

We stayed overnight in the hospital and then left for home in the morning.  I remember being absolutely amazed when we walked out of the hospital carrying a tiny little person with us — it was one of the strangest feelings I’ve ever had… all of a sudden we were solely responsible for a little life!  Yikes!  I just kept thinking that someone was going to stop us and make us take a class or sign a waiver or something first… but they didn’t — they just let us take her home! 

Those first few days home were so full of wonder and discovery.  We were the typical over-paranoid first-time parents!  We kept the house at about ninety degrees (poor Peter!!) and we would wake up every few minutes during the night to poke her and make sure she was still breathing.  We played music for her all the time and freaked out about the silliest little things!!  But, wow… what an incredibly special time.  I would just stare at her, totally mesmerized by her tiny little eyebrows and button nose.   I’ll always remember those first few days… so much wonder and amazement at the miracle of life.  Gee,  it really is a miracle, isn’t it?!?! 


Tiny little person!


…and three years later, looking so grown-up in her birthday dress (she was telling everyone at church today that she was wearing her “birthday suit!”  I kept correcting her and explaining that one’s “birthday suit” is actually wearing nothing at all! 🙂 )



I love you Joanna Faith!  Happy Birthday, Sweetie!