Yes, I’m still here!  🙂  This time of the year is always so busy — but a really good kind of busy.  Family members fly in from around the country and we celebrate multiple birthdays and enjoy the whole week leading up to Thanksgiving (and of course, Thanksgiving Day itself! 🙂  I am really grateful for my family this week… and I am really grateful that I love my family-in-law so much as well!

I’ve been working on a bit of a side project the last couple weeks to raise more funds for the adoption… I decided to offer a “traveling” photo op for moms that would rather not take all their kids into a studio, but still want holiday pics to send to family and friends.  I’ve been able to take some fun shots of some precious kids (without time restraints, which is very helpful when the kids are not cooperating — which is about half the time!! 🙂 ) I’m certainly not a professional, but I enjoy it and I am getting better… (and lovin’ it!)  Taking photos of kids is always unpredictable, but very rewarding.  I got permission from this little doll’s mom to post this picture because I loved the way it turned out…  she is such a sweetheart! (She was actually one of the un-cooperative ones — but you wouldn’t know it from this shot!)


So between this and that, we’ve been busy.  We still haven’t had any snow yet this year… verryyy unusual!  I am actually not missing it.  I like the way the landscape looks covered in white (plus it hides all the mess until summer! 🙂 ) but I do NOT like driving in the stuff — yuck!

I’ll leave you with a funny new “Jo-ism” — anything that smells kind of weird these days she deems to be “stunky” — which, I guess, is a logical comination of stinky and stunk!  🙂