I know, I know, I know… Shame on me for not posting sooner! — but what can I say?  It has been an insanely crazy two weeks.  We went to Africa and came back with HENRY!!!  Our heads are still spinning and we are just in awe at the way the Lord opened the doors.  HE IS AN AWESOME GOD!!  I have a lot to share (of course!) but I am trying to adjust to being a mommy of two (which is, incidently, twice as much work as being the mommy of one! I don’t know what I’ll do when we add child number three?!?!  (All you veteran large-family mommies are justified in rolling your eyes at my ineptitude! 🙂 )

This is going to have to be just a “whet-your-appetite” post — enough to satiate all of you blog-stalkers who have e-mailed me demanding updates! 🙂  More is coming, I promise!  But I need to spend time the next few days loving on both kids and adjusting and following up on medical appointments for Henry.  I will say that we are hopelessly in love with our little “peanut” (a flight attendant called him that on the way home and it fits him perfectly — he is a little peanut!)  Henry is the sweetest little guy and is adjusting soooo well.  He slept thirteen hours last night and twelve hours the night before (straight through!) and he is eating well and taking a long afternoon nap the same time as Jo.  He is bonding so well and really loves his daddy.  He likes me, too, but if given the choice, will go straight to Peter’s arms.  He calls us by name and is so affectionate (he is little kisser!)  I really can’t believe how incredibly well he’s slipped right in — like he has always been a part of our family.  He likes his big sister and is already starting to bug her on purpose to hear her get upset!  She loves him, too, and wants to do everything for him.  We are trying to explain to her that even though Henry is tiny, he is definitely not a baby!  (Just ask him!)

He is much stronger than we were expecting.  His right arm is extremely coordinated and he can almost pull himself up to standing next to the couch.  His left arm is worse than we were hoping.  Peter really thinks that there may be something other than the cerebral palsy going on… we are very curious to get it x-rayed and discuss his case with a specialist.  If it is a brachial plexus injury additionally, we will need to get him evaluated as soon as possible because of irreparable nerve damage after a certain length of time.  It’s hard not knowing.  I will feel so much better after speaking with a specialist. 

Here are a couple of my favorite photos so far… Henry loves his jumperoo!  We laughed so hard the first time we put him in it because he jumped so hard and so high we thought he was going to jump right out!!  We got some video of it, and I will try to get that loaded this week so you can laugh with him as he giggles and shrieks and jumps.  He is a little ball of energy — that’s for sure! 




Our time in Liberia was incredibly blessed and I honestly can’t believe how quickly things went.  We were very impressed by the Consular.  We were in and out of the Embassy with Henry’s visa in three days.  It was an added blessing to be in Liberia with the McKinneys and the Zanottis — it was very bonding to say the least!  We were so glad that we were there to rejoice with them and meet their wonderful kids.  We’ll be telling stories about it for years to come!  We have so much to share, but right now, I am going to take advantage of both my children sleeping to do some much-needed laundry (Wow, it sounds so strange to say children!  I get to use the plural form of the word now!)   Thanks to all of you who prayed faithfully for us while we were gone — your love and support means so much to us!  We can’t wait until you all get to meet Henry!