Peter and I are so grateful that Henry was able to be in foster care in Liberia.  The Sheppards are a very special family and Henry was incredibly blessed to get to live with them for four months.  He was very well-cared for and it is evident to us that he felt loved and secure with them because he has made the transition so well. 

We really can’t thank them enough.  What a tremendous ministry — selflessly caring for children and loving them as their own for the short time they have them in their home.  The Sheppards have touched a lot of adoptive parent’s hearts through their foster care ministry and have deeply impacted many little lives!   


Henry loved being tossed in the air by his foster Dad!


And he obviously really loved his foster mom.  It was hard for him to say good-bye.  I am so glad we got these pictures to share with him when he gets older.  They were a very special part of his life in Liberia.


Henry was in foster care with my friend Denise’s little girl, Ellie.  She will be going home VERY soon, too!!  Ellie was such a sweet big sister to Henry.


This is Softly.  I want one, too!  🙂 


Thank you.