It’s finally starting to look more like a typical December around here — it’s been snowing off and on for the last few days and the latest weather report forecasts “snow every day for the next week.  I am glad.  I love a fresh covering of white for Christmas.  It really is a beautiful time of year, even if it is cold. 

The back meadow looks so pretty.  I love sitting on the couch (with the warmth of a fire and a hot cup of tea, of course!) watching out the window as the snow falls on the field and trees. 

We took the kids out sledding this morning.  Henry wasn’t sure what to think at the top of the hill…


…but by the bottom he decided that sledding is his kind of activity!!  He LOVED the thrill of it and laughed the whole way down! 


Jo preferred to sit and eat snow at the top of the hill.


Yes, I was there too.  (I have to document myself in these family outings, so the kids don’t wonder someday where Mom was during all the fun! 🙂 )


Lest these photos mislead you into thinking this particular sledding hill is grander than it actually is…  I have to confess that it is only a meager snow-covered pile of dirt from the water reservoir we put in the ground this fall.  It’s a true beginner’s hill — just tall enough for a two-second ride! (We are saving the more advanced hills for our next sledding adventure!)


After the sledding, we went for a nice walk.  Jo was SUCH a wonderful big sister and held her brother tightly on the sled in front of her!  Henry obviously enjoyed this arrangement and loved being pulled down the driveway…


…and up the road.  We love living on this little County road.  The State roads are usually well-plowed, but the County roads aren’t kept as clear and we are able to take long walks with the sled (plus they’re great for riding on tubes and snowboards towed behind a truck!!)


…And home again for some hot chocolate!  Wish you were here.  🙂