So they weren’t kidding when they said to expect “more snow” all week!  Whew!  It has been snowing furiously all day.  It is so, so pretty.  As long as I don’t have to go anywhere, I really enjoy days like today.  I feel like I am in a snow globe and someone just shook it really hard! 


I am totally disappointed in these photos.  I am going to have to experiment a little.  You can hardly even tell it was snowing.  And, boy, was it ever snowing! — great big flakes that piled up quickly…  Thousands of flakes filling the sky, turning everything white and muffling all sounds except snow-sounds.  They were coming down so quickly, I got dizzy just looking out the window!


I had an interesting day — I was completely disconnected from the world by no choice of my own.  Ahhh, the joys of rural living!  Our phone line has been down for days, and today our satellite internet connection wasn’t working due to the storm… AND my cell phone broke!  I literally had no way to contact anyone other than my neighbor with a red flag out my front door (and where were you, Sarah???)  We don’t have TV (yes, shocking, I know!)  So the whole world could have gone up in flames and I would have been blissfully unaware…

At first I was a little panicky!  What if someone needed to get a hold of me???  Then I started to realize what a gift it was… Aha! people couldn’t get a hold of me!  (Although I am truly sorry to those of you that tried!) I had the whole day to be unplugged (well, thank God, unplugged from the rest of the world WITH my blessed electricity!!!)  And I really, really, enjoyed it.  Guess what I did?  (besides cleaning up the entire bag of cat food that Joanna  spread all over the living room floor — more on the “Meow Mix Incident” later!)  … I wrote Christmas cards.  By hand.  🙂

It made me contemplate once again, how much much simpler life must have been a hundred and fifty years ago. For the record, I am certainly not volunteering to give up my cell phone and laptop for good! — But I live where I do partly because there is a side of me that longs for the simplicity of life without wires… without artifical connections… I love living where I can watch the seasons pass, marking the years, lending a natural rhythm to life — reminding me to slow down and savor the moments because this season will soon be over…

So much of my life over the last few years has become woven into the world wide web — education, business, shopping, entertainment, communication, (journaling!)…  It’s becoming increasingly harder to separate the virtual from the actual.  I don’t have a negative view toward it.  I appreciate the convenience of the internet!  I appreciate the information available (thank God for Google!!)  I appreciate the relationships I have because of it.  I get to interact with wonderful people and peek into their lives — I get to laugh and cry sympathetically with friends from hundreds of miles away…   I can’t imagine life without it.  But on the other hand, I don’t want to become so intertwined with virtual reality that my actual reality suffers.  I don’t want my real-life relationships to get less than my e-relationships.  Or become so dependent on that I walk past the little book store on the corner.  Or use up my time blogging and have none left over to journal privately!   Hmmmmmm…..  Finding the balance.  Seems like a theme of mine lately.