We usually tromp out back into the woods and argue about which tree will fit in our living room (I swear they look ten times smaller out in the forest! 🙂 ) and chop it down and drag it back — but not this year…  This year we wimped out and actually BOUGHT a Christmas tree!  And now I know why people buy Christmas trees — because they look beautiful and can actually hold ornaments!!  Our poor wild fir trees around here are sadly lacking in the strong limb department… and our Christmas ornaments are usually sagging on flimsy branches… Not so this year!  I may be sold on this new tradition — drive to town and strap the tree on the car!  We stayed dry and didn’t argue at all!  🙂  Plus, it’s a Blue Spruce and smells sooooo good!


Henry helped me wrap presents one afternoon last week while his sissy was napping.  The next morning I came downstairs to find several presents opened already and a triumphant Joanna gloating over her loot.  Arrghhh!  So much for surprising her Christmas morning!  She now knows what most of the presents are.  She’s not quite old enough to just tear a little wrapping paper off to take a peek — she went all the way and I had to re-wrap everything (not for her sake, but for mine — the tree looks kind of lonely without anything under it!)

Although I have to confess that I am “The World’s Worst Gift-Wrapper!”  Really.  If there was a bad-wrapper award, I would win.  I have tried to improve, but I am physically impaired when it comes to wrapping presents.  They always end up looking wrinkled and pieced together…  My mom always shows me down with gorgeously wrapped presents — complete with coordinating ribbons!  🙂  My sister got the wrapping gene, because hers are works of art as well…  You can tell which presents are from me!  This year I decided to let Jo help wrap the gifts for the rest of the family — that way I can blame it on the three year old!  🙂