We’ve been home with Henry for six weeks today.  I don’t even know how to begin describing the last six weeks.  In a word — unbelievable!

Henry has grown so much.  He is starting to stand briefly on his own and walks very well when holding one of our hands for support.  He pulls himself up to standing next to the couch and really enjoys being upright, but can’t quite balance well enought to start walking.  I think his arm really throws his balance off since his shoulder falls forward with the weight of it.  He is very mobile for not being able to walk or crawl though.  He scoots along on his little bottom and gets around quickly!  He is also a pro at rolling to reach his destination.  He tries to crawl fairly often because he seems know it would be the fastest way to get around, but doggone that arm!  He just can’t bear any weight on it, so his attempts fail everytime…. but it doesn’t get him down — he just turns over and sits up and continues scooting along!  Nothing stops this kid!  If he can’t do something the way he sees Joanna doing it, he works at it until he figures out his own method.  I love that about him — he is full of tenacity!  We are learning so much from him. 


He is so playful and quite vocal!  He has SUCH a great laugh… we just lose it when he starts giggling really hard.  He is ALL boy and loves loud, fast games.  He also loves pushing buttons!  He is talking like crazy — his favorite words these days are “NO!” (pretty typical for seventeen months)  and “uh-oh” (usually said after he has thrown something off his highchair that he expects Mama to pick up!)  He is actually talking really well for his age — ahead of average even.  He uses words to communicate what he needs or wants — I think this helps him relate to people on his cognitive level since it’s easy to forget how old he is due to his small size.  He seems to be right on target developmentally as far as we can tell — the Cerebral Palsy seems to just affect him physically. 

Thankfully he is bonding really well.  He seems to be very secure and has started throwing fits in the last few weeks when he doesn’t get his way — a good sign because it means he is feeling safe enough to start testing us.  He has a typical sibling relationship with his sister… he likes playing with her, but also enjoys provoking her (as she does him!)  He actually bit her the other day!  It was well-provoked, but I had to let him know that he can’t bite Sissy.  Oh, the joys of having another kid in the house!!  🙂   He is eating well (hardly any more gagging) and feeds himself like a pro.  We’ve discovered that he LOVES pickles of all things!!  He actually gobbles up almost everything we give him… with the exception of butternut squash (which is unfortunate because the rest of us love it!)  He gave me the funniest look when he first tried it — like, “Mom! Are you trying to KILL me???”  Ha!  🙂 


But most of all — he is such a delight. Just look at that sparkle in his eyes!  There never was a sweeter boy.  He’s soooo affectionate and demonstrative with his love.  He is constantly giving “kisses” and recently we taught him how to blow them — which he does with great relish!  He knows just how to wrap people around his little finger!  🙂 

On the medical front: We have an appointment scheduled at Shriners Hospital in Spokane next Monday.   We are SO looking forward to this appointment because we have a very long list of questions for the doctor.  So far his medical appointments have been standard tests and health evaluations… we haven’t had his Cerebral Palsy analyzed and I am really curious to hear what a specialist has to say.  I am also ready to get started with “official” PT — I think he will be able to regain a lot of the use of his arm, but I just don’t know how to go about the therapy on my own.  Thank God for the medical resources we have available!