Thankfully Henry woke up feeling better this morning.  His fever broke in the night and he started getting gradually stronger all day.  By this afternoon he was acting a lot more like his usual fiesty self — he hollered indignantly when Joanna grabbed a toy out of his hands, and then he proceeded to tell her “NO!” in a very commanding tone!  (Although it’s funny to hear him talk.  His voice sounds like he has been smoking or something — he is almost hoarse.  It’s a very funny voice for such a little guy.  🙂 ) 

I am relieved he is feeling better… but I am still curious about what they will find on the blood test.  I didn’t start him on the antibiotics yesterday because I wanted to give it one more day.  I am glad I waited because he is feeling better without them and I am feeling better that his body isn’t being depleted of its natural reserves.  Now that he is keeping fluids down I am going to start giving him acidophilus — it should help him continue to fight whatever is going on.  Sometimes I wish that Peter’s dad lived closer — but all the same it is reassuring to be able to call him any hour of the night with medical questions! 

Henry’s appetite seems to be returning as well.  He ate a big bowl of soup for lunch and more for dinner and is keeping everything down.  I am glad he is able to eat again because in the last week he lost all the weight he gained since we brought him home.  He weighs even less now than he did in Liberia.  It hasn’t really concerned me that he is so tiny until this week with him being so sick — he didn’t have any extra to lose.

Thanks for your concern and prayers.  You internet buddies are great friends!