Wahoo!  Henry took four steps on his own tonight!  It’s a HUGE milestone for him.  We weren’t expecting it at all.  Not yet.  But he continues to surprise us with his resolve.  

He is obviously still feeling better! 🙂  I’m not quite sure what got into him today — but for some reason he just seemed bound and determined to walk!  All day long he kept pushing himself up and then he would stand alone for a couple of seconds.  Then this evening as I was sitting on the couch at my parent’s filling out the rest of the forms for Shriners, he pulled himself up next to the couch and then let go and took two steps!  On his own!!!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes and I’m glad my mom was there to confirm it.  We made such a big deal about it and he was grinning from ear to ear — quite pleased with himself!  He was so pleased that he pulled himself up and did it again!  (Peter got to watch the second time.)  

I can’t tell you what it does to my heart to watch his determination.  Before we brought Henry home, many people told us that even though it can be difficult at times, it is life-changing to parent a child with special needs and that it is extraordinarily rewarding to observe and assist them as they reach milestones.  We are already finding this to be so true!  Henry has to work hard to reach milestones that come naturally to most children because his body just isn’t able to do what his mind wants it to all the time — but his positive spirit and tenacity in the midst of his struggle just touches me deeply and makes me cheer all the louder for him as he perseveres.  I am as proud of his determination as I am of his steps today!  Even at a year and a half, he is making a big impact on those around him.  He takes away excuses.  He takes away MY excuses!  I can’t say “it’s too hard.”  If my son can learn to walk, I can certainly overcome the obstacles holding me back from walking in my fullest potential.  

Thank you, Henry, for being a reminder to me every day of God’s great faithfulness and His love toward us.  Thank you for teaching me again that who we ARE is so much more important than what we Do…  Thank you for inspiring me to let go of the couch and step out on my own even when it’s hard… Thank you for bringing such intense joy to our family.  You make me laugh harder than I have ever laughed before.  Our lives are fuller because of you.  And even though it is a bit of a cliche — I have to say it.  You complete us.  You bring a piece of the puzzle that our family needed and I will forever be grateful for the twists in the road that brought us together.  Way to go today, son!