This has been a week of a lot of losses — not of family members or close friends, but of several acquaintances and friends-0f-friends.   We had a memorial service last Sunday for a man in our community who lost his battle with cancer last week and left behind a grieving family — including two children that were students of mine.  Two adoptive families also lost a parent/spouse unexpectedly in the last week.  One of them was a woman close to my age named Amber — with two kids the same ages as mine ( and My heart is just breaking for these families.  All I can do is pray…

It’s put me in a place of reflecting again on how precious life is.  I forget sometimes.  I go about my days wrapped up in to-do lists and mundane tasks.  I take my amazing husband and beautiful children for granted.  I grumble about the snow.  I get mad at the dog…. 

Shame on me.

Or I get so focused on the “BIG” things (you know, saving the world…) that I don’t fully savor the sweet little moments with my kids… or look for the miracles that are happening all around… or kiss my husband spontaneously enough. 

What a gift each day is!  What an incredible treasure to be alive and with my family today!  It’s good to be reminded of how brief life is… and what a undeserved gift each breath is.   There’s no surety that today isn’t our last — so we should live it as if it was.  I know that I would be doing things a LOT differently if I knew I had a limited amount of time to spend with my family…

Teach me to number my days, Lord.  Teach me to savor the moments and live with gratitude and a sense of wonder…


I went for a walk alone during Peter’s lunch break… and I was literally breathless by the beauty that surrounded me.  It is SO EASY to become blinded by familiarity.  It’s so easy to forget to look up as I walk.  It’s good to stop and see the world again as if through new eyes.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful it all was.  Mountains I see every day suddenly seemed bigger and grander — and the sky was SO blue… I felt deeply alive and grateful for every breath of cold mountain air. 

That’s how I want to live every day.

In awe…

Breathing deeply

Seeing clearly