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We’re leaving this afternoon for Seattle.  The kids and I caught a ride to Spokane yesterday with my mom to rendezvous with Peter who’s been on an install (this was a strategic tactic that shaved a couple hours off the drive today!)  I think the truck is pretty much loaded and the kids are about ready to crash — so we should have a little bit of quiet for the first hundred miles or so while they sleep.  I am actually looking forward to the drive. We haven’t been on a road trip in so long…  Peter and I used to go on road trips often when we were first married…  one of my favorites was a trip through the Canadian Rockies — it was absolutely breathtaking!  Another fun one was driving down the west coast and then over to visit his family in Phoenix.  Oh, and another really memorable one (notice I didn’t say fun!) was driving his grandma’s old van and pulling her ancient airstream trailer all the way from Mississippi back here to WA (in the middle of August with no AC and a trooper of a toddler!  *And, yes, of course we broke down along the way in the middle of the night!*  It’s the last time we agree to a “favor” like that! — but we do have some hilarious stories of mishaps along the way.  🙂 )

I realized as I was packing yesterday why we don’t road-trip like we used to — it’s crazy how much more you have to pack and plan ahead when you add children to the equation!  But I’m telling you, I think I am prepared now for almost any situation involving two wee children in tight quarters for hundreds of miles. 

Henry’s appointment with the BPI specialist is tomorrow morning at 8:00 in Seattle — and then we are headed down to stay a couple nights with our good friends, the Z’s, in Oregon.  I am REALLY excited about getting to see how much Micah has grown since we last saw him!  We are also going to visit my sister and Peter’s brother in Portland on our way home — it’s going to be a very full little trip! 

I’ll post when we get back.


I plugged in my camera today to download some pictures from last week and I found these photos among them — documented proof of what they do with their father while I am away!!  I gave Peter a hard time about it… I mean, if he’s gonna let the kid play outside in the snow only half-way dressed while I am gone, at LEAST don’t take pictures of it!!

(Although, I guess in his defense I must point out that it was a warm day… for Northeastern Washington in winter!!)


This next one is too funny… she ended up with only one glove because Sophie took the other one (at least she still had her hat! 😉 )



…was a good day.  It was the day my husband was born.  Happy birthday to a great husband, father, leader and friend!

This is totally unrelated, but consider it my bloggity tribute to my man!  🙂  Here are a few pictures Peter took the other night of the lunar eclipse.  I thought he did a great job — moon pictures are difficult!







Just a quick medical update on Henry for those that have asked.  We’ve been scrambling the last few weeks to get things in place so he can see a brachial plexus injury specialist.  We’ve quickly realized just how much goes into getting an appointment with a specialist… referrals, more appointments, initial paperwork, follow-up paperwork, medical reports faxed hither and yon, and so on… We’ve also discovered how frustrating it can be to have the whole process held up as we wait on a required signature or for a report to be released…  It wouldn’t be a big deal, except that with each additional week, the chance for a successful surgery gets less and less.

The really good news is that the leading BPI specialist in this corner of the country wants to see Henry as soon as possible.  So, we actually have a appointment scheduled for next Friday (the 29th) in Seattle.  This is nothing short of a miracle since he is a very busy man.  I think it has something to do with Peter’s dad’s persistence (bless him!!)  The surgeon would really like the MRIs that the neurologist has requested — but they won’t be done by then, so we’ll have to follow up as soon as they are.

We’ve also been going in circles with our insurance company trying to figure out exactly how much will be covered… (MRIs are pretty spendy and he needs four of them… plus he has to be put under for them, so it adds up quickly…)  I think we’ve finally figured it out — but *wow!* is it hard to get a straight answer from them! 


I am trying to stay cautiously optimistic about the possibility.  It would be incredible if a nerve graft surgery is still an option to give him back some use of that arm.  Yet I also know that there is a verrryyy slim chance… and really, he is such a tenacious little kid — if surgery isn’t an option, having a handicapped arm will NOT keep him down.  Several people have told me that it’s actually easier for kids to have never been able to use a limb than for older children to lose one because then they have to re-learn everything.  Henry doesn’t remember ever being able to use his left arm and is certainly adept at figuring out how to do without it!  But still, we feel so strongly that we need to do everything we can to exhaust our options… to look at every possible scenario and follow each lead through to the end.

I also have to say that as we’ve been scheduling appointments and talking with doctors these last few weeks, I’ve been so aware of how relatively small this potential surgery is.  I can’t imagine how difficult it would be as a parent to schedule open-heart surgery or another high-risk surgery.  This is just an arm.  I can’t imagine walking through the anguish of loving a child SO deeply and yet having to release them to the Lord every day because of a terminal disease or life-threatening condition.   It makes me appreciate each day with my kids even more just thinking about it…

Need I say more??? 

I’m finally getting around to posting a few pictures from our anniversary — for those of you that like to experience our snow activites vicariously from the comfort of your warm climates!  🙂

It was a blissful day with fantastic fresh powder and lots of first tracks…  AND I got to spend it with the love of my life doing something that makes me feel soooo alive.  It just doesn’t get any better!  (Next time we’ll take some video — then you can really experience it vicariously!)










I wanted to get a lovey Valentine’s Day photo of the kids for my sister since we are headed down to see her (at my parent’s) this weekend and it’s been a while since I gave her an updated picture of these two…


They weren’t feelin’ the love!! 🙂  It took these shots (and several more!!) to get to the decent ones…





okay, here we go:


…ah, there’s the love!!


These last two are my favorites because she was so concerned about helping him… and LOOK!  He’s standing!!!




It was a traumatic day.

(as the stitches and blood-stains on the shirt can attest…)

Joanna was climbing up the table in the mud room to get some treats for Sophie and she fell and split her lip wide open.  There was a LOT of blood and a lot of tears.  I won’t post any of the “before stitches” photos because they aren’t for the faint-hearted or weak-stomached!  It was a nasty gash.

But the most traumatic part was the actual stitching process.  She would not hold still, so the doctor had to use the buckle things on the table and Peter and I had to hold her.  Ah!!!!  She was numbed, so it didn’t hurt — it just traumatized her.  It was so hard listening to her crying so desperately and not being able to do anything about it.  She HAD to get those stitches!  She’s okay now (sleeping soundly on the couch) — but YIKES! it was traumatic.  Poor kid.


She already had a bruise under her eye from a previous fall.

It’s just hard being three!… but the mention of ice-cream helps!  🙂

I was tagged by Brandi and Chris to share five weird things about myself.   I think “weird” things is pretty subjective because obviously we all have different definitions of what is weird.  The lists I’ve read so far have struck me as cute, quirky, and endearing traits!  I tried to stick with the truly weird stuff, but we’ll see.  It may seem perfectly normal to the rest of you!  🙂

So without further ado, here’s my list: (I even threw in an extra since it took me so long to get to it!)

  • I eat spaghetti sauce right out of the can/jar.  Yes, I know!  Weird! 


  • I have this funky magnetic thing that causes watches to stop working after a few months of consistent wearing.  (My mom and grandma have the same issue.)  The only one that hasn’t done this so far is the Swiss watch Peter bought me for our wedding. 


  • I can’t sleep with socks on and usually end up sticking my feet out the bottom of the covers — no matter how cold it is.  I think it’s a genetic trait because Joanna told me the other night in bed that her feet needed “fresh air”!  🙂  I also sleep without a pillow about half the time.


  • I talk to myself in the mirror. (Okay, I know this sounds really strange!  Sarah said it takes the cake!… I’m not split-personality or anything — I just spontaneously talk to myself in the mirror every now and then.)


  • I drink grape juice when I am sick.  Copious amounts of it.  I never drink it any other time.


  • I feel sorry for wilted and dying plants at the flower nursery or store.  I often rescue plants and flowers to take home to my garden that I really don’t need (or even like for that matter) because they are almost dead. 


I’m not sure who has been tagged before, but I tag SarahJamie Z.Denise, Faith, and Diane.  Can’t wait to read yours!

Peter and I were married five years ago today (February 8th)


Ah, we look so young.  I can’t believe it’s only been five years!  It feels like an eternity since I walked down that aisle.  So much has changed in our lives since then.  We’ve changed. 

And yet on the other hand, it’s gone by so quickly… another blink of the eyes and we’ll be at ten years!

Many of you know our “story.”  We were childhood friends living across the road from each other and then fell in love in High School.  We’ve had some rocky seasons, but we’ve always known it was meant to be.  He is without a doubt my best friend in all the world.  I feel so fortunate to be married to him.  The guy is smart, funny, adventurous, compassionate, loves the Lord, is as cute as heck and to top it off is a great dancer…


Wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t find ANY pictures of us together when we were in high school!  That would have been fun, but I’ll have to settle for a couple of honeymoon ones… (none of these photos were digital, so I had to scan them… the quality isn’t great — but you get the idea!)



We had a great anniversary today.  We finally got up to the mountain and spent the whole day boarding in epic powder!  Wahoo!!!!  (But THAT is a whole sweet post in itself!!!  🙂 )

Okay… just to entertain you — here’s my day so far:

(First of all a little background:  Peter is in Cda for a couple of days and the dumb ol’ pellet stove isn’t working for me AGAIN (arghh!) so it’s been on the cold side in our house since yesterday morning.  I stayed up half the night trying to get it working and finally gave up and went to bed after leaving on two little electric space heaters….)

But back to today:

I am unexpectedly awakened from deep sleep early this morning to the unnerving sound of the fire alarm going off.  VERY SCARY!  Instinctively I grab H. and run into Jo’s room and grab her and take them downstairs and outside.  I realize while doing this that it is actually the carbon detector going off (oh, great… not much better — but at least there aren’t any flames!)  Not wanting to subject my little innocents (who are both VERY crabby and indignant about having been suddenly and rudely jerked out of their beds) to possible CO poisoning, I tromp through the deep snow in my pajamas over to my Mother-in-law’s house with one kid under each arm.  I then call Peter and go back over to the house to air it out.  This brings the already cold temperature inside down to an ungodly degree.  After a few minutes Poison Control calls and we talk about possible scenarios that might be causing the alarm.  Enough O2 comes in (I’ve flung wide every opening in the building), the alarm goes off and I decide it is safe (albeit freezing) to bring the children back. 

I keep a wary ear out for the alarm and try again unsuccesfully to get the stove working… and finally give up.  I borrow a couple of oil heaters from the neighbor in an attempt to warm things up.

This is when the older one decides to make me reconsider what I wrote yesterday about turning the corner.  I guess being cold all night and enduring such a traumatic morning is grounds for a little regression… but still!!!  I walk into the bathroom to discover fifteen special photographs that had been upstairs on my desk in the bathroom sink in water!  Ahhh!  Then I walk upstairs to find her room unrecognisably disheveled and poop smeared all over her bed and on the carpet in her room.  The jury is still out as to whether it was an accident (she has been potty-trained for a while… I think this may have been an accident and then an attempt to clean it up herself — I hope that was the case anyway.)  However, regardless of the motivation… Uhhhhgghhh!  Sometimes I feel like we go one step forward and two steps back!

Of course just at that moment the mischievous little one pulls over an open bag of pellets and creates a disaster in the living room. 


I think God is wanting me to practice exercising patience and grace today… so I am exercising. 




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