We’re down at my parent’s house in Spokane again for the weekend.  Peter is finishing up a couple of jobs and we’re hoping to get to meet with Henry’s foster family tomorrow — they are on furlough in the States and will be driving through this area.  We’re looking forward to seeing them and we’re so glad they get the chance to see Henry again.

There is a crazy amount of snow down here!  We have a lot at home but they have even more than us after this last week.  Last weekend they got over a foot of fresh snow in 24 hours and it kept coming down steadily most of the week after that.  Schools were shut down for days and the roads are still hard to navigate because of the piles of plowed snow in the middle of the lanes.  We’re used to snow in this part of the country — but not usually this much so far into the season.  I had to post a few pictures — just for you, Denise!  🙂


Almost up to my waist in the yard…




It’s hard to believe it will all be gone in a couple of months…