This beautiful little girl was Henry’s foster sister in Liberia.  We were privileged to meet her while we were in Liberia and she is SUCH a sweetheart!  She is in need of prayer — so I wanted to post this link to her mom’s blog for those of you that don’t already know her story: 

Joanna and I pray together for her every day.  Jo knows that Ellie lived with Henry in Africa and that Ellie is “her friend” even though they’ve never met.  Jo has such a heart for her friend — she will often come up to me and ask me if Ellie is in the hospital, or how her back is feeling and we stop to pray for her.  Jo’s faith is that of sweet, simple child-like belief that God hears her prayers and will touch her friend’s back.  I can’t wait until they are able to meet each other some day.

Ellie is Joanna’s age.  I can’t imagine being in the position that Ellie’s parents are in as they prepare for her surgery.  My thoughts and prayers are with them as well.  Their faith and trust in the Lord’s sovereignty is inspiring.  They are such an awesome family!