Okay… just to entertain you — here’s my day so far:

(First of all a little background:  Peter is in Cda for a couple of days and the dumb ol’ pellet stove isn’t working for me AGAIN (arghh!) so it’s been on the cold side in our house since yesterday morning.  I stayed up half the night trying to get it working and finally gave up and went to bed after leaving on two little electric space heaters….)

But back to today:

I am unexpectedly awakened from deep sleep early this morning to the unnerving sound of the fire alarm going off.  VERY SCARY!  Instinctively I grab H. and run into Jo’s room and grab her and take them downstairs and outside.  I realize while doing this that it is actually the carbon detector going off (oh, great… not much better — but at least there aren’t any flames!)  Not wanting to subject my little innocents (who are both VERY crabby and indignant about having been suddenly and rudely jerked out of their beds) to possible CO poisoning, I tromp through the deep snow in my pajamas over to my Mother-in-law’s house with one kid under each arm.  I then call Peter and go back over to the house to air it out.  This brings the already cold temperature inside down to an ungodly degree.  After a few minutes Poison Control calls and we talk about possible scenarios that might be causing the alarm.  Enough O2 comes in (I’ve flung wide every opening in the building), the alarm goes off and I decide it is safe (albeit freezing) to bring the children back. 

I keep a wary ear out for the alarm and try again unsuccesfully to get the stove working… and finally give up.  I borrow a couple of oil heaters from the neighbor in an attempt to warm things up.

This is when the older one decides to make me reconsider what I wrote yesterday about turning the corner.  I guess being cold all night and enduring such a traumatic morning is grounds for a little regression… but still!!!  I walk into the bathroom to discover fifteen special photographs that had been upstairs on my desk in the bathroom sink in water!  Ahhh!  Then I walk upstairs to find her room unrecognisably disheveled and poop smeared all over her bed and on the carpet in her room.  The jury is still out as to whether it was an accident (she has been potty-trained for a while… I think this may have been an accident and then an attempt to clean it up herself — I hope that was the case anyway.)  However, regardless of the motivation… Uhhhhgghhh!  Sometimes I feel like we go one step forward and two steps back!

Of course just at that moment the mischievous little one pulls over an open bag of pellets and creates a disaster in the living room. 


I think God is wanting me to practice exercising patience and grace today… so I am exercising.