I was tagged by Brandi and Chris to share five weird things about myself.   I think “weird” things is pretty subjective because obviously we all have different definitions of what is weird.  The lists I’ve read so far have struck me as cute, quirky, and endearing traits!  I tried to stick with the truly weird stuff, but we’ll see.  It may seem perfectly normal to the rest of you!  🙂

So without further ado, here’s my list: (I even threw in an extra since it took me so long to get to it!)

  • I eat spaghetti sauce right out of the can/jar.  Yes, I know!  Weird! 


  • I have this funky magnetic thing that causes watches to stop working after a few months of consistent wearing.  (My mom and grandma have the same issue.)  The only one that hasn’t done this so far is the Swiss watch Peter bought me for our wedding. 


  • I can’t sleep with socks on and usually end up sticking my feet out the bottom of the covers — no matter how cold it is.  I think it’s a genetic trait because Joanna told me the other night in bed that her feet needed “fresh air”!  🙂  I also sleep without a pillow about half the time.


  • I talk to myself in the mirror. (Okay, I know this sounds really strange!  Sarah said it takes the cake!… I’m not split-personality or anything — I just spontaneously talk to myself in the mirror every now and then.)


  • I drink grape juice when I am sick.  Copious amounts of it.  I never drink it any other time.


  • I feel sorry for wilted and dying plants at the flower nursery or store.  I often rescue plants and flowers to take home to my garden that I really don’t need (or even like for that matter) because they are almost dead. 


I’m not sure who has been tagged before, but I tag SarahJamie Z.Denise, Faith, and Diane.  Can’t wait to read yours!