It was a traumatic day.

(as the stitches and blood-stains on the shirt can attest…)

Joanna was climbing up the table in the mud room to get some treats for Sophie and she fell and split her lip wide open.  There was a LOT of blood and a lot of tears.  I won’t post any of the “before stitches” photos because they aren’t for the faint-hearted or weak-stomached!  It was a nasty gash.

But the most traumatic part was the actual stitching process.  She would not hold still, so the doctor had to use the buckle things on the table and Peter and I had to hold her.  Ah!!!!  She was numbed, so it didn’t hurt — it just traumatized her.  It was so hard listening to her crying so desperately and not being able to do anything about it.  She HAD to get those stitches!  She’s okay now (sleeping soundly on the couch) — but YIKES! it was traumatic.  Poor kid.


She already had a bruise under her eye from a previous fall.

It’s just hard being three!… but the mention of ice-cream helps!  🙂