We’re leaving this afternoon for Seattle.  The kids and I caught a ride to Spokane yesterday with my mom to rendezvous with Peter who’s been on an install (this was a strategic tactic that shaved a couple hours off the drive today!)  I think the truck is pretty much loaded and the kids are about ready to crash — so we should have a little bit of quiet for the first hundred miles or so while they sleep.  I am actually looking forward to the drive. We haven’t been on a road trip in so long…  Peter and I used to go on road trips often when we were first married…  one of my favorites was a trip through the Canadian Rockies — it was absolutely breathtaking!  Another fun one was driving down the west coast and then over to visit his family in Phoenix.  Oh, and another really memorable one (notice I didn’t say fun!) was driving his grandma’s old van and pulling her ancient airstream trailer all the way from Mississippi back here to WA (in the middle of August with no AC and a trooper of a toddler!  *And, yes, of course we broke down along the way in the middle of the night!*  It’s the last time we agree to a “favor” like that! — but we do have some hilarious stories of mishaps along the way.  🙂 )

I realized as I was packing yesterday why we don’t road-trip like we used to — it’s crazy how much more you have to pack and plan ahead when you add children to the equation!  But I’m telling you, I think I am prepared now for almost any situation involving two wee children in tight quarters for hundreds of miles. 

Henry’s appointment with the BPI specialist is tomorrow morning at 8:00 in Seattle — and then we are headed down to stay a couple nights with our good friends, the Z’s, in Oregon.  I am REALLY excited about getting to see how much Micah has grown since we last saw him!  We are also going to visit my sister and Peter’s brother in Portland on our way home — it’s going to be a very full little trip! 

I’ll post when we get back.