Okay… first things first. 

Before I share my millions and millions of pictures from our road trip and weekend with the Z’s (well, actually, not QUITE that many pictures — but close! 🙂 ) I need to do a quick update on Henry’s medical appointment. 

First of all, thanks to all who e-mailed and called to let us know that you were praying.  We so appreciate our friends — the e-ones and the ones in person…

We feel so fortunate to have been able to see this particular specialist.  It was a small miracle that Henry was able to get in on such short notice… and we are very aware of that.  I ended up staying back at the hotel with Joanna on Friday morning while Peter took Henry to the doctor, so this is a second-hand update.  Peter was very impressed by how thoroughly the whole team handled the appointment.  Henry was evaluated, examined and observed by several key people who have helped a lot of children with BPI injuries. 

At the end of the evaluation, the specialist said that he did not feel Henry is a candidate for nerve graft surgery.  Not only is he past the window of time, but it is a severe brachial plexus injury; so in all reality, he most likely would not ever have been a candidate, even if we had brought him home sooner.  The doctor did say that he still wants us to get the MRIs done and he will look at them closely to see if he has missed something.  I guess there is also the possibility of a tendon surgery in Henry’s hand down the road that might give him some limited use of his hand (some opening and closing function) — but he has to be a little older before we’ll know about that one. 

The specialist agreed with the general opinion of the doctors at Shriner’s — he doesn’t think Henry has CP either.  He said that the weakness in Henry’s left leg is likely the result of additional nerve damage in his spine… as is the slight head tilt.  (Actually all of Henry’s CP symptoms are also classic symptoms of spinal nerve damage — we won’t know if it’s cerebral damage or nerve damage until we get the MRIs) 

The surgeon wants to look over the MRI of Henry’s spine to see if there is any possibility of nerve surgery for his leg, but he said that he felt Henry will be walking without a limp even if he does nothing (*little side note: Henry’s now taking five or six steps independently many times throughout the day — he will be running by summer at this rate!!)

So… that’s that.

I have lots of thoughts… but I am still processing and praying and will probably ramble about it some time in the future.