We had such a great trip, even though we came home to a foot of snow STILL!!  The weather was so mild and warm and springish in Seattle and Oregon…  I sorta forgot that it was still winter back home.  Ugh.  I feel like I’ve gone back in time. C’mon spring!!!!

The kids were so good on the road and we enjoyed the time together while driving.  We sang silly songs and told stories… and then while the kids slept, Peter and I were able to talk about some directional issues that we have been praying about — we didn’t make any major decisions, but we certainly had some great discussion!

Here are a few of my favorite shots:


This was literally five minutes down I-5 after leaving my parent’s house on Thursday.  And she said she wasn’t tired!  🙂


Henry discovered lollies on this trip!  They kept him entertained for miles! (Yes, I know… what am I doing feeding candy to my kids??  I actually found these organic all-natural lollipops at Traders Joes — so they aren’t ALL bad!  🙂 )


This one was a little too sour for his taste, I guess!


We had the BEST time staying at the Z-treehouse for the weekend.  These guys rock.  Seriously, we love them so much and feel like we have been friends forever.  Our kids loved their kids and they played together so well.  It was just an awesome, memorable visit all around.  We were able to go to their adoption group meeting on Friday night — it was a treat to meet everyone there and gave me some good ideas for starting a group up here.  We also really enjoyed going to church on Sunday and getting to see Corey in his element.  He’s a fantastic speaker and pastor. 

Of course, Jamie and I had so much fun taking pictures of our kids together!  We were often passing our cameras back and forth — and just had a blast laughing and snapping away!  🙂  She ended up with some really great photos of the kiddos — check out her post to see those…  She inspires me to keep practicing!

That’s their house in the picture above.  The picture does not do it justice.  It’s gorgeous and they built it themselves. (Like actually built it with hammers and saws! 😉 ) We literally built our house ourselves, too — so it was fun swapping building stories.  🙂  Their hospitality was amazing — I only wish we’d been able to stay longer!  It’s nice that we don’t live too far apart.  We already have plans for a visit from them in the spring. 


Such a beautiful family — we love you guys!!!



Kendra and Jo hit it off so well — they raced around the house and “cooked” things in Kendra’s play kitchen and had spontaneous giggle fits about the silliest things — in true three-year-old fashion!  Joanna is really excited about having a pen-pal. (Yep — real, old-fashioned lettersl! 🙂 )




There’s Jamie leaning over the railing, trying to get a good shot of the kids… she put it well when she said that they didn’t stand a chance.  Poor kids, between the two of us — it was absolutely true! 


The boys took turns pushing each other around on the fire truck.  Henry made fire truck noises and Micah smiled the whole time.  He is the smiliest little kid!!  They are both so mild-tempered; they just sort of loved on each other the whole time… MUCH more laid-back than our girls!


We went out for a walk after dinner — I wish I had been able to take some video of Henry in the wagon with Micah!  He was laughing soooo hard!  Cracked us up!



And, yes, we did manage to get a couple pictures on the other side of the lens.  We told Peter that he had better make us look gorgeous.  Ha!  🙂

Fast-forward a bit… We stayed at my sister and brother-in-law’s place in Portland on our way home.  It was so good to see them again.  We’ve really missed them since they moved.  They are such cool people.  I love that my sister has always been and still is one of my best friends…

The good news is that they are going to be moving back to Spokane later this summer!  Hallelujah!



I love this picture because of the little munchkin at the top of the slide in the background!  What a smile!


We took the kids to a playground near my sister’s house.  Henry was so tired, he fell asleep on the short drive there and slept in his car seat at the park until I finally woke him up.  It was just too much fun for him to miss!  All the playgrounds around our place are still covered in snow…


Yeah, he had so much fun.  I’m glad I woke him up — even though he was crabby later…


They loved seeing their Aunt Sissy and Uncle J.  Peter’s brother also showed up for a few minutes at the park, so they got to see Uncle Drew as well.  It was just a great afternoon.  🙂




A couple shots from the drive home.  It was a gorgeous day and that drive along the Columbia River is always stunning.  Peter and I just kept saying “wow!”…

So now we are home; unpacking and re-acclimating to the snow!