I don’t know about the rest of the country, but we have an unofficial fifth season that slips in between winter and spring — the not-so-creatively dubbed “Mud Season”.  It comes every year without fail…  This year it is promising to be extra-yucky and extra-long since we got a lot more snow than usual over the winter.  We have a good three weeks of mud left — if not more!   Yeecchhh!  It wouldn’t be so bad if the mud would stay outside, but of course it doesn’t.  It also means that we inevitably have to deal with people getting stuck in our driveway.  We’ve already had a couple casualties so far this season.  And if you have never had to push someone out of being stuck in the mud, take a moment to imagine how messy that could be for the ones behind the car pushing (as the spinning tires are throwing mud back behind the vehicle.  Got a visual??  🙂 )

It’s definitely NOT my favorite season — but the kids sure love it!  Actually, I remember loving it as a kid, too.  The snow was disappearing and there were oodles of puddles to play in and no shortage of perfect mud to “cook” with.  It was also the first time in months that we were finally turned loose outside without having to be bundled up!

I guess there are a few aspects of this season that I still like.  There is that sweet promise of spring in the air… and the birds are back, singing and chirping in full chorus.  The crocuses will be poking through the remaining snow soon — and I think we could find the first of the buttercups if we went out in search of them.  I love opening up the door to the south and letting the sun and fresh air stream it.  I also love standing out on the deck facing the wind.  There is nothing like strong gusts of warm spring wind against my face and in my hair to make me feel wild and free.  I also like donning a pair of rubber boots to tromp out for a walk… although I will be glad when the boots are no longer necessary!

I’m glad my kids have so much fun in it, but I am quickly running out of fresh “mud clothes” for them and it’s not quite warm enough yet to turn them out in the buff.  I guess I’ll have to do some laundry — seems a shame though, to wash clothes just so they can end up looking like THIS in a matter of minutes!!  🙂


Oh, and speaking of getting things clean after mud-play, you should see the bath water after these two are finally clean!!