We’ve been making green smoothies every day lately.  Yummmm!  We alternate ingredients — but this cantaloupe, strawberry and spinach recipe is one of our current favorites!  Just add a little water, blend away and enjoy!!  I am so blessed that both kids have adventurous taste-buds…  They slurp down almost every combination of fresh veggie juice and green smoothie and usually ask for more!

Peter and I have decided to jump in with both feet and go 100% raw for a week (starting next week sometime.)  We have been “dabbling” with some great raw recipes since the beginning of the year, but we haven’t gone 100% yet.  I am really excited about it and will post the meals that we especially enjoy.  I know what you’re thinking — but there are actually a HUGE variety of fantastic recipes out there.  Really.  I am excited about attempting to make healthy pizza, brownies, and more out of 100% raw ingredients. 

I realized the other day that I don’t post very much about our quest to be healthier and embrace a natural lifestyle.  I have been really enjoying a lot of great health blogs lately — everything from hard-core Raw Foodies to Vegans to Naturopathic Gurus.  I thought about starting a separate blog to chronicle our favorite recipes and forays into the raw food scene, but then I realized how hard it is to just post on here once or twice a week — if I had another blog, you might never hear from me again!  Plus, I figure that this is a multi-faceted personal blog — so really, I can talk about whatever interests me, right?? And who knows?  Maybe I can inspire a few stalkers to do a little blending and un-cooking, too!  😉 

I am going to start adding links to some of my favorite nutrition and health blogs… just as soon as I get some time to organize my sidebar.  Bet ya can’t wait!  Ha!