Just call this a completely random post!  It should be separated into two or three individual posts, but I’ve not had the time to write them separately, so united they shall be. 

First of all, please continue to pray for Henry’s sweet Liberian “foster sister” Ellie.  She is still in ICU from major surgery last Wednesday and her body needs to heal up to prepare for more surgery next week.  It has been heart-wrenching to read her mom’s account of this difficult process.  I can hardly imagine how difficult it must be for them.  They so appreciate all the prayer being offered up on their daughter’s behalf  — please continue to pray, and if you don’t know her, please take a moment to jump over to her mom’s blog

As far as our week has been… (oh, wait, is it already the start of another one???  Where DID the last one go??)  Henry went in for his MRIs on Thursday morning.  It took a lot longer than we thought it would and he ended up being “under” for almost four hours — but supposedly they got all four scans and hopefully we’ll hear very soon about what’s really going on inside that brain of his.  He was so confused and disoriented when he woke up in the recovery room.  He didn’t seem to recognize me at first and was crying such a sad little cry — it was hard not being able to comfort him and I was relieved when he was finally aware enough to know me and be comforted.  Thankfully he had no negative side effects from the anesthetic and he was back to his usual LOUD jovial self just hours later!  🙂

The MRI’s were done in Spokane and we were there several days; but we’re back home now, and hopefully will be able to stay home for a while!  I can tell that all the traveling we’ve been doing lately for Henry’s appointments is starting to catch up with the kids.  We need a little down time to re-establish some rhythm and routine. 

Last week we had the privilege of meeting an awesome woman and I wanted to share a link to her website.  She started a small orphanage in Mozambique a few years ago and currently takes care of forty kids.  She takes in older children, and they have become like a large family.  We were invited to listen to her share at a local church and I am SO very glad we went.  She has such an amazing heart for Africa and she is so humble and real and strong all at the same time.  It was a huge blessing listening to her share stories about the kids in her orphanage and the ways God has provided miraculously for them.  She went over to Africa with a strong call and vision to start an orphanage, but without really knowing how things were going to unfold.  The story of how the orphanage came to be is so inspiring.  We were able to spend some time talking with her afterward and it was one of those connections that we knew immediately God had orchestrated.  She told us to come on over to Mozambique and spend some time at the orphanage and we told her we’ll see!  We are still just seeking God about the next season of our lives.  We feel like we’ll end up in Africa for part of it… but we really want to be sensitive and walk through the right open doors.  Anyway, here’s the link to her web-page. http://houseofblessingmoz.com/index.html

Peter and I are still researching and writing plans for the non-profit business (Liberia-related) that we’ve spoken to several of you about.  We are getting pretty excited about it and are trying to finish all the paperwork soon so we can share more.  Check back for an update next week!  (How’s that for a shameless plug? 🙂 )

(Wow — this IS a random post!  I warned you!)

I loved the feedback on my last post — I was surprised by all the enthusiasm toward green smoothies and rawness.  Yay!  We decided to start our raw week today, so we are officially on day one of 100% raw and we’re feeling great (other than typical bizarre cravings…)  I will try to post recipes soon — on-line accountability always helps with dedication and enthusiasm! 🙂 — but I won’t complicate this random post further by sharing now. 

And finally, I’ve been wanting to share this little video clip from our day up at Red last Saturday for all you boarders that didn’t make it to a mountain this season (especially you, sis — I’ve missed you this year!)  We took the camera to shoot some video for Jo to show her where mommy and daddy go all day with our funny boards (she’s fascinated by them.)  She loved it!  The video is really bumpy and the quality is not-so-great, but oh well — we’re total amateurs at filming.  You get the point.  This is a chunk from the middle… heading out toward Roots and Cambodia for those that know the mountain (the names of back-country runs crack me up… “needles” “shoots” “beer belly” “cambodia” “ledges” — who names them anyway?)