SYNERGY: (sĭn’ər-jē) n.  “The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.”

I love this word — and this concept.  I have always loved this concept.  The combined efforts of two or more people can result in a far greater outcome than the sum of what they could each do on their own.  Wow — this really encourages me.  For one, I am a very relational person and the idea that I can make a bigger impact on the world by joining with like-minded people is motivating.  But it also helps when I feel overwhelmed by the great needs that I see worldwide.  It helps when I feel small and insignificant — like a drop in the ocean.  I am grateful that our collective efforts can be greater and more effective than what we could acheive alone.  This is a relief!  We can make a huge difference in the world by being willing to live beyond ourselves and partner with others who are in the arena of our passion, working toward a common goal.

So with that as an intro, I want to share an awesome opportunity with you.  One of my blogging friends, Brandi, has been working really hard to raise money for clean water (by drilling wells) in Liberia.  She’s raised most of the money for the first well and has extended the opportunity to get involved with raising the rest of the funds through our blogging network.  This is a REALLY important project.  Clean drinking water (or the widespread lack thereof) is one of the leading causes of disease and death in many African countries.  It’s something that we take for granted every day, but it is one of the vital elements needed for survival in this world.  

This first well is going to be drilled in an area that desperately needs it.  The first time I read about Rock Hill, it hit me so hard.  It hits home even harder now, because many of the people that labor day in and day out are people with handicaps — like Henry. 15,000 people live in the area known as Rock Hill in Monrovia, Liberia.  Men, women and children pound (by hand) large rocks into smaller pieces that they sell for construction projects and roads.  They make on average roughly 40 cents a day.  They labor day in and day out (I read somewhere that many work twelve hour days) — most without hope that life will ever change.  They live in abject poverty, facing countless diseases and horrible conditions every day — all without clean water to drink.  The water that is available to buy is filthy and may give them a disease that will kill them.  It’s hard to even imagine being in that situation. 

So obviously this is a great opportunity to get involved and give toward a very good cause!  It’s pretty easy to sacrifice the money we would use to buy a soda or a latte when we stop to think about how different our lives are from the hundreds of people — children included — that will benefit from the clean water this project will provide.

That’s all — please consider donating a few dollars!  Five or ten dollars is a relatively small amount — but as we synergise, it CAN make a huge difference in thousands of people’s lives through this project.  I cannot for the life of me figure out how to paste the donate button here — so please visit Brandi’s post and use the link on her page.