…I bought some polka-dot material and a dress pattern at the store last week — and then I borrowed my mum’s sewing machine and seam ripper to attempt making a dress for my daughter.

I’m baffled by the end result… somehow it turned out wearable!  I haven’t made a dress since I was a student in High School.  I had to google every other term on the instructions.  Seriously.  I couldn’t even remember what “cut on the fold” meant!  Ha!  And there were some major mishaps that had to be torn out and re-stitched… And don’t look too closely because there was another mishap involving the scissors and the wrong end of the fabric — so I actually had to mend the dress before it was ever even worn by the child. 

As to how long it took… well, that is between me and me.  🙂

But she was SOOOO thrilled that I made it for her.  The whole process fascinated her.  I hope it’s a special memory that lasts forever, because it’s certainly the last sewing whim I’m going to be following for a looooonng time!!!