It’s been a fast week since my last post — we’ve had a lot going on here.  We finally got the results of Henry’s MRI’s a couple days ago.  We need to wait until our appointment with the pediatric neurologist (in two weeks) before we can share specifics, but there is definitely a lot going on inside his brain and spine and it is not anything that we have suspected.  I am reeling a little from some of the terms used — it will be very good to sit down and speak with the neurologist to figure out where we go from here and what it really means.  Thank you all for the encouragement and for riding along with us on this diagnostic roller-coaster.  I will be able to share more later.

Peter and I have been looking at house plans again this week and walking the land for building sites.  It’s been in the back of our minds that we would like to begin building soon, but I haven’t really expected that things would fall into place this year.  I am excited about the possibility — yet I know that once we start we will be very, very busy and very, very focused for a season like we were on this house.

So, between this, that and the usual spring projects (like getting the garden ready and planting peas and spinach! Yay!)  I’ve been neglecting the blogging world a bit.  We’ve been enjoying the usual spring weather around here: warm and sunny one day and then blizzarding the next!  I don’t have any pictures from last weekend because even though my kids looked adorable in their Easter get-up, it snowed and slushed the entire day and was just too yucky and dreary to take any happy spring pictures!  🙂 

…more later!