As I said in an earlier post, Joanna is LOVING gardening this year.  She is my little shadow, following me around as I work outside.  I am amazed by how eager she is to learn and help.  We have such funny conversations — the kind that you can only have with a three-year-old! 

About a week ago I began discovering pots like these all over the place.  They were everywhere!  After questioning Jo about them I discovered that they are actually her “trees”…  she has been watching me transplant trees and flowers and decided that she needed to have something to plant as well.  She’s taking very good care of her potted trees and let me tell you, she knows where each one is and I don’t dare move them.  She is very protective of her pots! 

 I’m curious to see how they grow…  🙂 

On a bit of a different note: I am really, really enjoying having two kids.  It’s quite different than being a mom to just one.  It’s such a sweet thing to see my kids play together and watch their bond grow.  I’m sure most moms feel this way, but really there isn’t anything sweeter to me than when they are loving on each other.  

Henry is pretty much Jo’s little sidekick.  He follows her around faithfully.  (Actually our dog, Sophie, follows Jo around, too, and one of the cats generally tags along as well, so there is a little parade following Jo wherever she goes outside.  Quite amusing to watch!)  Jo will say “come, Henry” when she’s getting ready to move on to the next activity and she waits for him to follow her.  If he’s not going fast enough, she’ll take one of his arms to help him along. 

When Henry looses Jo (sometimes he gets wrapped up in what he is doing and she leaves without him) he will scoot to the middle of the yard and yell at the top of his lungs “C’maaaaaawn, Jojo!”  “C’maaaaaawn, Jojo!”  over and over.  It is SOOOO funny!  It’s “come on Jojo” as clear as a bell and LOUD too.  Eventually she comes.  He’s figured out that it’s the best way to find her. 

 Henry is now running around.  (Well almost running… he thinks he’s running!)  Boy, does he take some nastly spills, though.  Whew.  I am wondering about a helmet… he just gets going so fast and his legs can’t keep up with his body and he falls HARD.  It usually doesn’t phase him… he has a very high pain tolerance.  Sometimes I wonder if that is the result of his neuro issues… ?? 

I have some video of him walking — I’ll try to get that posted soon.  It is guaranteed to make you smile.  And we could all handle smiling more, right??  🙂

Switching topics again… Many of you remember the Liberian man that ended up living with us for three months last fall.  We keep in touch with him often and he has a friend that may be coming from Liberia to stay with us this summer.  We are super-excited about this possibility.  When Ahmad was here we felt like it was such a great opportunity for us to walk in the passion we have to help people — and we were tremendously blessed in the process.  I love how God works things out — sometimes unexpected situations in life end up being the biggest blessings for everyone involved. 

(*Also, I know I promised a green smoothie post soon — and I haven’t forgotten.  Our kitchen is still under construction, so I have had zero inspiration in that area lately… and I am a sorry writer when not inspired! The kitchen should be done soon though, and I will be back to blending and juicing.  I’ll post then.)