We’re headed to Seattle again today for one more appointment for Henry.  This is a second opinion appointment with a pediatric neurosurgeon at Children’s Hospital.  It’s really a miracle that Henry got a meeting with this surgeon on such short notice.  He actually created this appointment’s time slot specifically for Henry since he is leaving later in the week for several months teaching in Japan.  He wanted to see Henry before he left and we are so, so grateful. 

It can be hard to keep track of all the medical jargon… so here’s a quick refresher:  The second part of Henry’s recent diagnosis was the series of cysts in his brain and spine.  We were given the first opinion that there really isn’t anything to be done about them at this point; but we’re following up on it because one of the doctors that Henry saw months ago in Seattle thinks there could be another condition causing the series of cysts (and that it could be surgically treatable.)  He referred us to the neurosurgeon that we will be seeing later today.

Anyway, we would really appreciate prayer for this appointment. This is kind of like the last strand of hope we have that any part of Henry’s condition is treatable — or that he’ll ever be able to use his left arm.  This appointment is a big one — we need to hear someone else’s opinion about the cysts and we’re praying that this second opinion will give some unexpected hope.