I wanted to share something that I am really, really excited about.  My crazy, adventure-loving blogger buddy, Angel, along with her husband and a couple of friends, have started a great new organization: RED LETTERS CAMPAIGN.  Many of you have heard of or read the book Red Letters, by Tom Davis — this campaign is a practical way for you and me to get involved.  There’s a lot more to it as well — they’re just getting started and have a ton of ideas for the future!  And if you know Angel at all, you KNOW it’s going to be extreme and awesome.  This lady is a mover and a shaker with a HUGELY compassionate heart to be Jesus’ hands and feet on the earth.  I just love her.

So go now, and check it out!  Spend a few minutes poking around the site and be sure to check back often because there’s more to come.  Better yet, sign up to be a adoption journalist and join the blogger network!