The new photo in my header is really significant to me… so I thought I would share the reason why.  Do you remember my post last fall about the gazillion tulip bulbs I was planting? 

Well, they are in full bloom now.

I planted them with the anticipation that my son would be home to see them. 

And he is!!

It seemed to me while planting them that the wait from bulb to bloom would be excrutiatingly long.  It signified the wait for Henry.  But true to character, the time passed… the seasons changed… the waiting ended — and even though it seemed like forever then, it seems like only a breath ago now.   

The funny thing is, the little hands that I longed to bring home can’t keep themselves off the tulip heads!  Aaaahhh!!  My ‘hope realized’ is a menace in the garden. 

But what a sweet, sweet menace!!


This post was written with a silent prayer for all of you still waiting to bring your kids home.  May your hopes be realized soon.