Alrighty people, I could use your help.  I’m working on setting up the RLC mall (for Red Letters Campaign) and I could use any leads you have for great online stores and/or products that support humanitarian efforts in developing countries (i.e. Africa Bags, Saint’s Coffee, Missy’s candles, etc…)  I have found quite a few great sites — but I KNOW there must be more out there!

The goal is to have a large variety of stores and products in one easy location so people can shop and make a difference through their purchases.  I am super-excited about this project — especially because it goes hand in hand with the work Peter and I have been doing on getting a site going for African items and micro-loans.  I was thrilled when Angel handed this project my way and I’m hoping to get enough leads in the next couple weeks to be able to get the site up and running, so please, bombard me with e-mails! 🙂  My addy is: sunfreckled @ (minus the spaces of course… 🙂