…it’s been a while since I’ve posted!  But in all fairness, it’s been a crazy week here with Peter’s entire family visiting. It’s been like a seven-day-long family reunion — sun up to sun down (and way later some nights… these guys like to party!)

I also realize it’s been even longer since I’ve posted anything thoughtful or contemplative…  But, never fear — I’m pretty sure I’ve still got “contemplative and thoughtful” in me… (ha! 🙂  It’s just gonna take a while longer to get the thoughts I’ve had lately formulated into readable posts…  I think you may have to tolerate some looonnng photo posts first, because I’ve certainly been snap-happy lately! — but I’ll try to get some thoughts down later for all my serious, contemplative, thoughtful readers (yes, you know who you are!!)  

 I’ll start with some photos from this last week with the G family.  It’s been as crazy and chaotic as one would imagine (if you know the family at all!) — but also a lot of fun. 

Besides all the snapshots this week, I also managed to get a few “official” shots since it’s been years since we’ve taken any — and the family is growing all the time! Amazingly enough, we actually got a decent group picture with everyone looking at the camera at the same time!  (Although, note the three kids in the front — all with hands near their noses!! KIDS!!!! )

I love this picture of Peter and his brothers.  His oldest brother lives close, and we spend a lot of time with his family, but we don’t see his other two brothers very often.  Drew is finishing up school this year (we’ll soon have a licensed chiropractor in the family!)  Dan is in the military and just returned from Iraq. 

Drew and his lady-friend, Danielle, graciously let me “practice” with my new lens — we had a fun, spontaneous photo shoot one afternoon.  They are such a cute couple.  It was the family’s first time meeting Danielle and she is awesome!  We had a great time getting to know her.

Dan and his wife, Channelle, also let me use them as a practice target for my lens.  Wahoo!  I loved having all these cute couples around to shoot!  It’s a WHOLE lot easier taking pictures of willing adults than squirrely kids!  🙂

Case in point: getting a picture of all the cousins together was rather difficult!  It took the promise of popsicles to end up with this one… 

The rest of the pictures looked something like this… (notice the MAJOR frown on Henry’s face!!!)

The kids always have such a great time playing together.  They are really, really blessed to live so close to each other (all of Peter’s nieces and nephews live near us.)   Here are a few of my favorite, random snap-shots of the kids…



We had a croquet tournament on Memorial Day.  Peter set up a crazy, obstacle-filled course — which he then dominated, of course!  Oh well, it was fun anyway…


We also hiked down to the river on Memorial Day and climbed the clay cliffs.  Most of you know that Peter and I grew up together — so that also means that I grew up with Peter’s brothers — it was great fun reminiscing about all the crazy things we used to do down at the river.  We practically lived down there during the summers when we were all in high school.  We did some pretty crazy things back then (we were invincible teenagers, right??? 🙂 )

The guys tried to re-live some of the memories by attemping to roll this boulder down to the river.  (Yes, that was one of the things they used to do when we were young and had time on our hands… 🙂 ) Thankfully these old men didn’t throw their backs out… although I guess Drew DID bring his chiropractic table, so at least he would have gotten a little practice if they did!


I feel so fortuante to have married into such an awesome, loving family.  They are some of the least judgemental and most warm, welcoming people I know.  I feel blessed to have grown up with the people who eventually became my brothers and sisters through marriage. 

I feel really blessed that I don’t just like, but actually deeply love my in-laws!!