(…and because I still haven’t finished any of my wordy-reflective-drafts!!) I thought I’d share a few more of my favorite shots from our “photo op” with the kids last week.  Peter and I took them down to the river so I could try to get some nicer portrait-like photos to frame for our moms (laaaaate mother’s day gifts…) 

The evening was beautiful and the lighting was unbelievable — it was actually raining just a little and there was a gorgeous rainbow arching over the water as the sun came out.  The kids were surprisingly cooperative (thanks in part to the antics of my husband standing behind me!) and I got a few shots (out of hundreds) that made the cut.  I am completely frustrated by how steep the learning curve is with the new lens Peter gave me for mother’s day.  (The lens itself is *amazing*! — but I have so, so much to learn… At least it’s fun experimenting! 🙂 )