Mr. Blue and I go way back… (Almost five years — which is an eternity for a bluebird!).  He and Mrs. Blue moved to the “neighborhood” the year after Peter and I did.  We were delighted when they took up residence under our eaves that first year and we’ve kept our fingers crossed every spring since, hoping they’d come back… And they have, year after year!  Every summer we’ve kept a wary eye on our carnivorous felines  — praying they wouldn’t betray the Blues’ confidence in our hospitality.  And so far there have been no casualties — a few close calls!!! — but no casualties.

Our relationship with the Blues has been a cautious one.  We’re not exactly BFF neighbors.  We don’t bother them.  They don’t bother us.  We occasionally remember to fill up the bird feeder with seed.  They sometimes sit still long enough for us to admire their brilliant colors.  We’ve pretty much kept our distance…

Until today!

This wasn’t my telephoto lens, either.  I was THAT close.  I could have touched him easily.  I’m not exactly sure what he was doing just sitting on the fence for so long — and I’m less sure what he was thinking letting me get within twelve inches of him (with my noisy camera, no less!!)  But regardless of his momentary mental unclarity, he really seemed to like having his portrait taken!  Maybe he’s contemplating a future career change??  The modeling industry is lucrative… and with a bod like that, I don’t blame him for trying! 🙂

I was worried that he might be injured (said felines had been roaming all morning) but after about ten minutes of me sitting within a foot of his wings, he finally flew off — obviously unhurt.