I hope y’all’s (am I allowed to use that term? I am about as far from a Southerner as one can get!!  It’s just such an easy word to use…) Anyway — I hope y’all’s Fourth of July’s and subsequent weekends were grand.

We had a great Fourth.  We rallied our three oldest nieces and set up a hot dog stand at our community’s Fourth of July celebration as a fundraiser for mosquito nets for Liberia.  (Well… actually, I think the Kids Lake project this month is mosquito nets for Sierra Leone… but the kids had already worked so hard on the sign.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them.)

We sold a ton of hot dogs and had a great time sharing with people about Liberia and Malaria and Peter’s impending trip to Africa and all that.  The girls were really excited about raising money to save lives — and I was stoked to see how excited they were!  We also took our stash of Threads of Hope bracelets and sold a bunch of them to benefit families in the Philippines.

It was a great weekend.  We ate a lot of terribly un-nutritious food, laughed with good friends, watched the fireworks show (Henry loved it.  Peter had to take Joanna to the truck because it was just too much for her sensitive little self…) and thanked God for America.  We know our nation isn’t perfect (what nation is??) — but we are deeply proud of what our country stands for. 

Okay, enough words… I’ll get on with the pictures!   🙂

The master-griller himself at the helm… (note the serious look.  Because, after all, it IS hard to grill a perfect hot dog!)

Here’s niece #3 (Nattie) with Henry

Niece #1 (Halle) taking a well-deserved break. 

Niece #2 (Mackensie) selling the bracelets

Like I said, the girls did a great job on the sign! 

Our very-good-best friends lent a hand, too.  Notice Sarah’s adorable bump (and, no, that’s not from too many hot dogs… 🙂  She’s due in October and we are super-excited about Henry’s little playmate.

Speaking of our little man — here he is celebrating his first Independence Day as a resident of the United States doing what he does best: eating.  And eating another hot dog, no less.  Let me tell you — the child can PACK away the dogs.  I have to stop him at four because I’m not sure what would happen if he kept going!  His stomach is only SO big after all! 🙂

Joanna all patriotic (with her new “smiling at the camera” expression.  Don’t ya love this age?!!?!  She looks like she sat on a tack or something!)

…and in action.  As she was ALL day.

More of that cute belly!! 

Henry discoverd the teeter-toter on Friday.  He literally sat on one end and waited for kids to come along so he would have someone to teeter with.  The funny, smuggish look on his face in this photo is on account of the cute girl on the other side at the time. 

She IS a cutie, all right!  (Arynn is one of our neighbor’s girls… Henry definitely likes her!)


So there you go.  Our Independence Day in photos.