It’s official!  Henry Otoo legally became our son today according to US law.  He is now officially Henry Isaiah G.  Wahoo! 

My favorite part of the adoption decree is the sentence that states “Henry Otoo is hereby constituted the child of said petitioners (that’s us!!) to the same degree and effect as if said child had been born to the petitioners…” 

Yes, sir!

It was actually all a lot easier than I was expecting.  The international adoption process certainly causes a person to expect things to turn out much more difficult and complicated than planned.  It was a breath of fresh air to have this last step go the other direction!  “What?  You mean you don’t need to inspect any of the 137 forms I have with me in this envelope????  Are you SURE????” 🙂

Kind of a cool side note… We were given a couple of different birth dates for Henry in the beginning.  One of the dates was July 15 (today) — this was really significant to me because I miscarried a baby in my second trimester that was due on July 15.  In the end we decided to go with the August 1st birth date because that is the one on Henry’s passport… but I thought it was pretty darn cool that our finalization appointment just happened to be scheduled on this day of all days!  I don’t believe in mere coincidences.

So here is the customary photo with the judge.  I know there aren’t a lot of smiles, but everyone was actually happy and excited…  Really!!

We celebrated with ice-cream cones on the way home.  Not such a great idea in the truck… but yummy all the same! 

And a BBQ with friends to finish the day off.  Thanks, guys, for celebrating with us!