Here is a post from Amy concerning RLC and Children’s Hope Chest that I wanted to pass on.  Spread the word!

“As some of you know, Red Letters Campaign is partnering with Children’s Hope Chest to launch their Ethiopia care program in Ethiopia!  We are very excited to help with this.  We are currently in the fundraising stage of things…  It costs a significant amount of money to get Children’s Hope Chest up and running in a new country.  Red Letters Campaign (RLC) is committed to helping raise some of these funds.  There are a few ways we plan to help to do this, but you will have to wait until September to find out all the details.  🙂  What we need right now are DONATIONS of GOODS!  Do you make something or own a fun store or business???  Would you be interested in donating to the fundraising efforts of RLC?  All donations will be used in a Project Ethiopia Raffle Fundraiser.  If you have any items you can donate, please contact Amy at  Also, feel free to contact Amy with any questions.”