We had a fantastic few days with the Z family visiting this week.  Have I mentioned how much we love these guys?  It’s amazing to me how deeply our friendship has grown over the last year since Jamie and I first started e-mailing back and forth about photography and our concurrent adoption processes.  We met through our respective blogs and I can honestly say that their friendship (along with several others) is DEFINITELY one of the best things born out of my whole wordpress experience.  I feel so blessed that our paths crossed.  The time we spent in Liberia picking up our sons at the end of the year was very bonding to say the least — it was just a crazy miracle that it worked for us to travel at the same time. 

Jo and Kendra are only two months apart in age and have been writing letters back and forth ever since we visited the Z’s in March.  Joanna was thrilled to see her pen-pal in person again and they had a lot of fun jumping on the trampoline and swinging and sliding together.  Henry and Micah are close in age as well, and obviously have the special connection of having been born in Liberia.   I wish I would have gotten some video of their little drumming session.  They stood on either side of the Djembe that we brought home from Liberia and jammed out.  They kept looking at each other, smiling and laughing hard — I hope they keep the special bond they share as they grow.

We all talked and laughed a lot and played some cards and croquet and took a couple of walks out back.  Ryan, Sarah and Zoe came over for dinner one night, and that was fun.  The next morning, Jamie and I went international and headed to Canada for breakfast — it was great getting some time by ourselves to talk freely.

Believe it or not, I took very few pictures, so I don’t have many to share.  Jamie took a couple photos of the boys together in the wagon that turned out really cute and I hope she posts one. 

Here are a few of the ones I did get as documentation that they actually were here 🙂 :

Jamie did talk us into posing for some “couple” portraits (Yeah, right!  With her talent, there wasn’t much convincing needed! Well… maybe just a teeny bit on Peter’s end…)  Of course the photos she took are utterly amazing — she’s my inspiration.  You’ll have to check out her blog some time in the future to see her talent; I’m not going to post them here since she’s the master and we were simply the subjects… with the exception of this teaser, ’cause I can’t help it.  I love this picture because Peter and I grew up walking this road back and forth to each others houses in high school.  It made me feel like a kid again to be walking it hand-in-hand with him. 

Thanks again, Jamie and Corey, for driving ALL the way up here!  We’re looking forward to the next rendezvous — whether it’s at our place or yours! 🙂