Happy birthday, Henry Isaiah! 

Yesterday we celebrated your second birthday.  You’ve been on this earth for two full years and the world is blessed by your presence.  You are an amazing kid and I can’t even begin to put into words how much I love you and how you’ve changed me. 

You are so many things: funny, mischievous, adorable, tenderhearted, tenacious, smart and incredibly linguistic for your age.  You have a great sense of humor and you keep us constantly entertained with your antics and “jokes.”  You are full of life and laughter and you love to make others laugh, too.  But you also have such a soft, tender side.  You are a little lover.  I have never known such an affectionate child.  Your spontaneous hugs and kisses melt my heart — as does your little voice telling me “love ya, Mamalove ya SOOOO much, Mama.” 

You are adventurous and attempt everything you see other kids doing.  There isn’t anything you won’t try.  And there isn’t much you can’t do.  You’re a fighter and an overcomer in the best sense of the words.  I’m so proud of WHO you are and I’m so proud of the way you tackle life.

I can’t imagine our family without you — things would be so quiet and empty without your shrieks and uncontrollable giggles.  We’d miss your funny little conversations and the way you sing silly made-up songs at the top of your lungs. 

I love you, son.  I’m so grateful that our lives are forever entwined.  It’s a privilege to be your mama.  You are a gift, Henry — a gift beyond comprehension.  Happy 2nd birthday!!!