Okay, this is getting ridiculous.  What does it take to get some consistent blogging around here? (although in all fairness, this is my SECOND post today.  Woohoo!)

Ha ha…. Actually, things have been crazy the last few weeks.  We have a couple of big decisions up in the air that we’re doing a lot of thinking and praying about.  Wish I could say more, but I can’t spill the beans quite yet.  Suffice to say I’m excited and a wee bit nervous (one of the decisions has to do with a move and I’ve never moved!)  Of course, as with any big decision, I’m sweating making the wrong decision, especially since this is kind of an “either/or” scenario.  Honestly, sometimes I wish there was a step-by-step guide for the biggies in life.  But, I guess that’s where faith comes in. 

Anyway, moving on.  Here’s the latest (besides the latest.)  

  • Henry has been doing fine the last two weeks since his seizure.  Thanks for the prayers and e-mails.  We have several appointments scheduled with his neurologist throughout the month ahead.  They want to run some tests to see if there has been any other seizure activity in his brain that we just haven’t noticed.  Plus he’s due for another series of MRI’s as well, so it looks like we’re going to be frequent visitors at the Children’s Ward once again this month.  I’ve realized that his seizure was, in a lot of ways, a good reminder for me.  I know this might sound like I’m not a very good mom, but a lot of the time I forget about Henry’s neuro issues.  It isn’t evident every day — so I forget about the PMG and the cysts.  I know there is a balance to find; I’ve got to stay mindful of his condition in order to be the best parent possible for him.    


  • As far as the non-profit goes, we’re still plugging away at the website.  It’s fairly slow-going at this point because we’re waiting on a little bit more paperwork and information about non-profit commerce.  We have a few fairs/events scheduled for this fall and winter, the first of which is on the 18th.  Hopefully it will go well since it’s really our first official event as an organization.  We’re going to take all the items we have from Liberia to sell, as well as a lot of photos and videos so people can see the projects and organizations we’re hoping to partner with in Liberia and hopefully generate some interest and support in them as well.  We’re also putting together some information cards for the micro-grants/loans that we are wanting to get for some of the artisans Peter met. 


  • Along these lines, two weeks ago we met with a woman who just opened a fair trade store in downtown Spokane.  She would like to buy items wholesale from us to sell in her store.  We are really excited about this connection because she has a lot of friends in the area that are heavily involved in fair trade and humanitarian work in Africa.  Plus, it will be great to have our items in a store locally to help generate interest in our mission. 


  • We also have some really cool news — Peter and I were recently asked (and agreed) to be on the board of directors for the adoption ministry Kingdom Kids and their African aid organization, AWOP. Talk about a really rockin’ surprise!  If you’re in the adoption world, you most likely know who they are, but if not, take a look at their sites.  We fully agree with eveything they are doing to support adoptive families as well as their humanitarian and mercy ministies in Ethiopia.  We actually first met with them earlier this summer about our organization, but we hadn’t really followed up on it and we were completely surprised when they called and invited us to be on the board.  We had a fantastic meeting with Michelle Gardner and one of the ladies that works with her a couple days ago that was incredibly envisioning and encouraging.  We tossed a ton of ideas back and forth about ways we can support what they are doing and ways that our organization can work with theirs, and we came away from that meeting just stoked about this awesome new relationship. 

 So anyway, I guess that’s it in a nutshell… for now!