We’ve been soaking up the last of the year’s warm weather the last few weeks.  I love this time of the year.  There is the unmistakable crispness of fall most of the day, and the leaves are starting to turn — but the afternoons are persistently holding on to the sun-drenched warmness that is Indian Summer.  We can still run around outside barefoot and have barbecues and work in the garden.  And the best part of this season is the over-abundance of fresh, yummy produce from the garden.  I LOVE being able to walk through my garden grazing on fresh tomatoes and peppers and carrots and cucumbers.  Mmmmmmm.  Jo loves it too.   The kid is a tomato-junkie.  I have never seen anyone eat tomatoes like she does.  It’s not unusual for her to devour six or seven huge tomatoes a day.  In fact, it took me a long time to finally get any ripe, red ones because she kept stripping the plants clean of every barely-turned-orange tomato she could find.  Thankfully the plants are producing enough now to stay ahead of her insatiable tomato-tooth. 

I haven’t been canning this year like I usually do.  I have been putting a little bit of produce in the freezer, but I need to get it in gear if I’m going to do anything more than that.  I have grand intentions of salsa and pickles (two of our family’s staples) but actually doing it is an entirely different story!

Here are a couple glimpses into life around here the last few weeks (well, glimpses of the little’s lives anyway…)  

I laughed so hard one afternoon when I came around the corner and saw Joanna floating in the wading pool on this tube.  There was only a little bit of clearance around the edge of the pool, but she was certainly floating on the water and relaxing in the sun! 

Yes, these are my kids… hardly recognizable under all the dirt!  They’ve been enjoying playing in the driveway before it gets too cold to play outside any more.  (And, yes, all that dirt is our driveway! 🙂 )

But, just to prove that they aren’t ALWAYS in the dirt… here’s my newest fav photo of the kids together.  (Special thanks to my sis for getting them to smile at the same time!)

I know I’m incredibly biased… but aren’t they amazingly cute?