Just a couple of photos in keeping with the theme of this post.  🙂  I LOVE this time of the year — the colors are nothing short of breath-taking.  I snapped this picture the other day when I was out taking some senior photos for a friend.  Look at that blue, blue sky reflecting off the river.  Nature never ceases to wow me.

Here’s another one of my favorites from that afternoon.  I love the setting sun and the switch yard.  

But, back to the point…  In all my spare time lately (*cough*cough*) I’ve squeezed in a couple of photo “sessions” and after sorting through the mess of edits and photos, I decided it would be best to start a separate blog to post session photos.  I know some of you are fellow photo-addicts — so this way, you can see what I’ve been up to, but the rest of you won’t have to wait for a ridiculous amount of images to load.  I’ll still post a couple of “teaser” shots here when I’ve done a session with a link to the rest of the pictures.

Anyway, here’s the addy: http://ofamberphotography.blogspot.com.   

And, speaking of teasers: Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the session I did two weeks ago with my beautiful and VERY preggo best friend.  The rest are on the other blog.