Nope — not pregnant.

And, no — not adopting again (not quite yet!!!!!! I’m ready, though!)

Nope, the big news is… (drrrrrrrrumrolllllllll — are you ready????) 

We’re moving.  

Out of state…

To Idaho.

Whew.  Okay, it’s out — it’s official now.  I’ve been putting off saying anything because I knew once I did, it would hit me straight in the gut with all of it’s irrevocable inevitability. 

The crazy thing is how fast this whole process has been.  The inkling, the thinking, the looking, the doors opening, the decision-making-deadline, the committing — and now the packing. 

And our move-in date?  Tomorrow.

Ha hahahhaha!!!!!  Good one, Huh??  Sadly, it’s true — and I only started packing today.  I have been procrastinating fiercely because it was yet another thing that made this move “official” and I am the QUEEN of denial!

Hey, I know it’s just a move and most people move around.  But, not me.  I’ve lived in this state and in this county my entire life.  I was born here, raised here, fell in love, went to school, and got married here; I started my family here and this is where my life-long friends and family live.  My roots go deep — very, very deep into this land.  It is painfully hard beyond words to think about leaving.  It’s a ripping and tearing of everything that is beloved to me and everything that has made me who I am at my core.

Plus, have you SEEN the photos?  It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous corner of the world, this place. 

I know in my head that this is the right move.  It’s the smart move from every objective perspective for our family for a myriad of reasons.  And we still own land here — we’ll be back.  The “plan” is to spend a couple of years in Idaho and then move back.  But I know how plans change… I know how time alters things.  And I know that regardless of what happens in the future, it’s the end of a season of my life — a season that I’ve loved every minute of.

I am going to try my VERY best not to sniffle too much about how sad I am.  I am going to put my head down and get to this whole doggone packing business.   In fact, you may not hear very much from me for a long while.  OR… on the other hand, I may continue trying to find every possible excuse to put off the inevitable, and you might actually hear from me MORE than usual!  🙂 

At any rate, we’re moving…

Theoretically, tomorrow!