I know, I know… my “guess what? we’re moving!” post left a lot to be desired.  Whoops!  I’ll finish the “rest of the story” post soon to fill in the blanks, but right now I would appreciate prayer for our little guy.  We took him to the doc last week because of a really strange and disconcerting situation with his thumb.  I won’t go into details because it was definitely not pleasant.  Anyway, the doctor was quite concerned about MRSA, so they took a culture and we found out that thankfully it’s not MRSA, but he does has a bad Staph infection that has caused the skin to peel away from his thumb like a burn.  It’s a strain of Staph that affects children and can be very dangerous if it spreads because of the risk of dehydration, etc from the loss of the layer of skin.  He’s on antibiotics now and hopefully that will take care of it, but we would so, so, SO appreciate a prayer for him if you think about it.  With everything else that we have going on — the move, Henry’s upcoming EEG and MRI appointments and our recent push for the big show today with our non-profit (which was AWESOME, by the way!  I can’t wait to share more!) I am feeling a little like I am barely treading water.  There are a lot of varying emotions accompanying the things that have been happening here lately.  I feel badly that I have been out of touch with reading blogs and emailing.  I so appreciate knowing you’re out there… and that you’ll still be there after I move.  You’re my friends that will be there when I open my laptop even when it’s sitting on a table in a different state.  I’m looking forward to reading and catching up on all of your lives after things settle down here… but until then, I’m just going to keep treading.

And, to lighten it up… a couple photos of the man himself.  Beanie season is upon us!