Alrighty then — here’s the scoop on the move.

First of all, though, here’s a picture of the house we’re moving into so you have a visual. 


It’s a lovely house and ENORMOUS.  I feel really, really blessed to get to call it home for a season.  It sits on five acres right outside town with a large shop on the property for the business.  It definitely makes the move easier — although I’ve never been a big-house, “keep up with the Jones” type of gal.  Give me a small cabin in the woods on my own land with a large garden spot and a beautiful view of the mountains and I’m perfectly happy.  Better yet, make it in the middle of nowhere and I’m REALLY happy! 🙂 But, things change, and there are both appealing and difficult aspects to this change. 

We’ve actually been contemplating this move for several years now — even though as I said, the process went crazy-fast as soon as we made the decision three weeks ago to go ahead with it.  We still have a couple of weeks before we need to be out of the WA house (some good friends will be renting it while we are in ID) so there isn’t a huge stress as far as moving out.  The only stress is being strung out across two states for too long… it could get a little difficult with the toothpaste in one state and the toothbrushes back in the other.  (I’m a random packer! I NEED to get a better system!)  We’ve taken two loads over so far and hopefully we’ll get most of it moved by next week. 

Speaking of packing, I cannot BELIEVE how much stuff we’ve accumulated over the last six years that we’ve been married.  Holy smokes!  I’ve always thought I was utilitarian and pretty good about not keeping unecessary things, but I guess not.  I have boxes and boxes of “stuff” to give away to Goodwill.  Sorting through it all has deeply convicted me again about how much excess we’ve brought into our home that we really, truly didn’t need.  I’ve been wanting to simplify and downsize for a while — and this is fantastic opportunity.  It IS a chance to start over in certain ways… a new beginning… and I am determined to live more simply and give more freely in this next season. 

But anyway, back to the rest of the story.  Five years ago — a year after we were married — Peter finished his apprenticeship and we started our custom cabinet shop.  He’s a genius designer and craftsman — but being that we lived literally in the middle of nowhere, local business was hard to come by.  Sometime during that first year of business, Peter drove down to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (3+ hours away) and connected with a couple of high-end builders in North Idaho.  Those connections turned out to be very key relationships and the rest is history.  God has blessed us with some great customers and awesome projects and we’ve been steadily busy since then.   The vast majority of jobs have been from the Coeur d’Alene area — so Peter has spent more time than I even want to calculate driving back and forth to Cda the last four years.  The long-distance commuting once or twice a week hasn’t been easy — it’s insane how many times he stayed up well-past midnight finishing a job here and then got up at 4:30 to load the job and drive it down for installation.  He’s had to spend a lot of time away from home on installs and we miss him terribly when he’s gone for days at a time.

I know it seems crazy that we didn’t just move right at the beginning when things started to take off in Cda.  Most people would have!  In fact no one really thought that we’d make it with the shop so far from the business… but we did — with great sacrifice and determination on Peter’s part.  We stayed because we love it here and because we couldn’t stand the thought of leaving.  We grew up in this small agricultural community with a group of friends that have married and started families and most still live here.  And when I say community, I mean literal community — like an old-fashioned town built around a one-room schoolhouse that doubles as a church; a network of gravel roads connecting hand-built log homes and farms; a huge old barn that is used for weddings and dances in the summer; and a hundred other things that make up this community. I can’t even say how fortunate I feel to have grown up in this sort of setting.  I know that there are communities in actuality and in spirit all over the world, but it still doesn’t make leaving this one easy, because this is the one with my dear friends whom I love like family.  I just can’t explain it.  But it is the right move for our family now…  There are a lot of doors that have opened for us, making it completely obvious that this is the direction we are supposed to head.  We know that we have reached a point in our lives that in order to grow, we need to step out of the comfortable and the known and follow the open doors.