… for a few days.  We don’t have internet at the house yet (I’m at my parents right now) so I’ll be off-line for a while.  We are officially Idahoans as of yesterday — we pulled a large trailer with shop equipment and another trailer with most of the rest of our household down to the new house last night.  We ended up having trailer light issues and spent a couple of frustrating hours in a WalMart parking lot along the way tying to fix them, so we arrived “home” a little later than we planned.  We just threw the mattresses out on the floor in our room and camped there together with the kids.  It was a memorable first night in our new house.  Joanna was convinced we were at a hotel.  🙂 

Ross, Tessa and Chloe (good friends — and the ones who will be moving into our place in WA) drove down with us to help with the unloading and settling in.  They are going to be staying for a few days.  It’s nice to have the help, but mostly I’m just grateful for the company.  It lessens the shock — I don’t have to be immediately alone this way. 

Hopefully the ‘settling in’ will go smoothly.  I’ll post some pictures once we’re connected to the world via the web again.