(Jack Hayden — twenty minutes old)

I’m breaking radio silence because I just HAD to show this little guy off {I’m actually back up at the WA house for a couple of days, so I’m trying to catch up on my interneting while I’m here…}  My best friend Sarah FINALLY delivered her baby boy yesterday!  Thankfully I was already up here, so I didn’t have to make the long drive in the middle of the night from ID.  And, oddly enough, I was actually staying the night at her house with the kids because Peter dropped us off and took another load of tools down to Idaho Wednesday night.  Our house is mostly empty and it was bloomin’ cold, so the kids and I crashed at Ryan and Sarah’s.  We were laughing that night about how ironic it would be if she went into labor with me staying there (she was sixteen days over her due date and I’d been “on call” for weeks.)  I thought she was playing a joke on me in the middle of the night when she came in to tell me that it was time to head to the hospital! 

As you can see from the first picture, baby Jack is absolutely adorable!  It was such an honor being there to welcome him into the world.  We’ve all been eagerly anticipating his arrival — especially Sarah in the last two+ weeks since her due date.  He ended up being a little over 9 pounds, and he actually has little chubby rolls on his arms and legs! 

Sarah is a hero.  OH.  MY.  GOSH.  It was harder than I thought it was going to be watching her go through labor and I have a deepened respect and admiration for her.  Being there with her made me think about Henry’s birth mother and what she went through to bring him into this world.  She sacrificially gave him the gift of life through a very painful process.  I have great respect for her as well (okay, and for EVERY woman who endures and perseveres through the labor process!) 

Obviously Ryan is a very proud dad.  I have some sweet shots of Sarah bonding with her son, too, and she looks ridiculously beautiful! — not at all like she’d just been through nine hours of labor.

Here’s one of my favorites of Ryan and his mom: 

Zoe came to the hospital shortly after Jack was born.  I have never seen her sit as still as she did with her little brother on her lap! 

Henry came to town, too, because he had a PT appointment scheduled– so he got to meet his little buddy at the hospital.  Zoe was so cute when Henry came up to the chair.  She told Henry that he could “pet” her little brother — so he did!  🙂

This next picture isn’t very good (the lighting was terrible in the hospital room) but the look on Henry’s face CRACKS me up!!!  He actually had this expression on his face most of the time while he was looking at the baby — I don’t think he knew quite what to make of the wrinkled little person in the blanket!