The kids, Peter, and I hauled our cooler and patio table out to the street yesterday afternoon and set up a little lemonade stand to raise money for “Feed the Forgotten.”  I posted about it a few days ago on my other blog, so you can read a few random thoughts there… but let me just say again what a great opportunity this campaign is to give a little (or a lot!)   Sometimes it’s hard to feel like I’m even going to make any kind of a difference because I don’t have very much to give — and so it’s easier to just skim over tough articles or not look at the needs smack on because it’s so overwhelming.   We’ve been in a really tough place financially with the business and still are, but in spite of that, I really, really don’t want to just turn my back.   I want to stay involved, giving what I can — even if that’s just my prayers or my passion or my time selling a few glasses of lemonade on the sidewalk with my kids.  And I so want my kids to grow up always seeing mommy and daddy ready to give and serve and love — even when times are tight.   Giving even a little every time  — and making opportunities to give or serve if they aren’t right there…  ’cause giving and loving people and being Jesus’ hands and feet is what life is ALL ABOUT.    

There was one gal yesterday who came to our lemonade stand and Peter and I were both so struck by her giving heart.  We didn’t want to assume anything about her financial situation based on outer appearances, but she was driving an older Subie and she didn’t come across like she had a lot of money (um, as opposed to the other veeeery nice Hummers that kept driving by — we live in on a street that leads to a very wealthy area…)  Anyway, this gal was probably my age and she drove by in her car with a little girl in the backseat and then hit the brakes and flipped a U-turn to come back and give us a twenty dollar bill.  Just like that.  She was driving by, saw the sign and turned around to give us twenty dollars to help feed children in Africa.  Now I know twenty bucks might not seem like a lot, but it just hit me hard because it didn’t appear like she had a lot (and again, maybe she did, but it really doesn’t matter — she was so happy to stop and give what she had with her to help out children in Africa that she’d never met through people selling lemonade on the sidewalk who were total strangers.)  It reminded me of the story of the widow in the Bible who gave EVERYTHING she had, and even though it was such a small amount, Jesus was amazed and said that her gift was more than all the others because she gave so freely of ALL she had.  It’s about our hearts, ya know?  Not about how much we give.  I was so, so convicted.  I still hold back —  it’s like I say, “yes, I want to give it all”  but I’m still not there where it’s my absolute first response… driving down the road, see a need and whoa, stop everything, turn around and give whatever I can.  I turn my back sometimes out of the fear that we’re not going to have enough.  Thank you, lady in the Subaru.  You made a huge impact on me… and I hope on my kids.  God bless you ABUNDANTLY. 

We’re going to set up again on Saturday because the neighborhood is having a community yard sale, and then we decided to just set up every Thursday afternoon for the rest of the summer to raise money for various other projects and organizations as long as we don’t have something else going on.  Hopefully we’ll be able to meet more people in our area and make a difference in their lives as well as people around the world with whatever we raise.  Plus, it’ll be a great thing to do as a family. 

The kids really got into it.  They were standing on the cooler waving at every vehicle and bicycle that passed.  They took turns with the streamer and Henry would yell out “buy lemonade; help the children” in his adorable loud voice.  They got it.  And I LOVE it when my kids get it.  They were helping kids across the world and they were loving it. 

Anyway here are a few pics from yesterday (and please excuse little blondie’s hair in all of my photos past, present and future.  Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO brush it every morning — but by noon it looks like that again… too much hard-playing and the curls get out of control!  Oh, and don’t mind Mr. Brooding Aviator-Shades in the background of the first two pictures, he really WAS happy to be there!  🙂