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A lot of you know this already, but for those that don’t, Peter is heading to Africa (Liberia) next Thursday.  He will be gone for ten days and will be staying with the Liberian man who lived with us last fall.  We’ve been busy getting things ready for his trip — visa paperwork, collecting donation items, contacting various organizations, researching shipping options, etc.  It doesn’t seem like it was this complicated last time we traveled to Africa.  Maybe that’s because we left on such short notice or maybe because we had all the adoption/visa stuff to keep our minds focused on.  Either way, I’m worried this time that something is going to fall through the cracks.  I just remembered today that we need to make sure to get the malaria meds from the doctor this week so he can start them seven days before landing in Africa.  Do I sound like a paranoid mother sending her firstborn off to kindergarten?  I kinda feel like that mom.  Oh, I know he’s fine on his own… but my dear hubby is a bit of a scatterbrained genius sometimes with way too many irons in the fire and it’s a good thing I’ve invested in sticky notes. 

I haven’t blogged in detail yet about the non-profit corp that we recently started — mainly because we haven’t been completely sure which direction things would head.  We first started thinking about this idea last fall during our time in Liberia… and since then we’ve been researching a ton and contacting other orgs doing similar things.  We’ve been holding all our ideas and plans out to God for adjustment and tweaking as needed.  Right now we feel like the doors have opened wide in the direction we’re headed, and we are walking through them excitedly — but we’re also still very aware of the need for flexibility.  So this trip of Peter’s is a very open, pioneering type trip.  We’re not completely sure what will come out of it long-term — although we have a good idea.  Of course, in the immediate, it’s a great opportunity for him to spend some more time in Africa doing as much good as he can; connecting with as many people and organizations as he can; all the while evaluating how the vision we have fits in with what others are already doing there.

I will share more about it in a separate post.  I want to be able to do it justice and I just don’t have the time to write more tonight.  We have some really special friends staying with us this week (the Z family for those of you in the AoH loop) and they pulled in this afternoon.  What an awesome family.  We really, really love them and have been looking forward to their visit all summer.  I’m sure Jamie will take enough pictures to fill up several posts on both of our blogs! — But I do want to share a litte more about the purpose of Peter’s trip before he leaves for Liberia next Thursday.  We really would appreciate prayers for his safety as well as for the right doors to open.  Stay tuned for more…  🙂


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