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Peter and I were married five years ago today (February 8th)


Ah, we look so young.  I can’t believe it’s only been five years!  It feels like an eternity since I walked down that aisle.  So much has changed in our lives since then.  We’ve changed. 

And yet on the other hand, it’s gone by so quickly… another blink of the eyes and we’ll be at ten years!

Many of you know our “story.”  We were childhood friends living across the road from each other and then fell in love in High School.  We’ve had some rocky seasons, but we’ve always known it was meant to be.  He is without a doubt my best friend in all the world.  I feel so fortunate to be married to him.  The guy is smart, funny, adventurous, compassionate, loves the Lord, is as cute as heck and to top it off is a great dancer…


Wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t find ANY pictures of us together when we were in high school!  That would have been fun, but I’ll have to settle for a couple of honeymoon ones… (none of these photos were digital, so I had to scan them… the quality isn’t great — but you get the idea!)



We had a great anniversary today.  We finally got up to the mountain and spent the whole day boarding in epic powder!  Wahoo!!!!  (But THAT is a whole sweet post in itself!!!  🙂 )


My sister is here visiting for a week.  She came up from Portland for a “Spiritual Hunger” Conference that we are going to the next couple days in Spokane.  (Sounds like a good conference, doesn’t it??  Heidi Baker and Bill Johnson are going to be speaking for those of you that are familiar with them… I am so looking forward to hearing them!)

Last night, Peter, Sarah and I went up to dinner in Canada at one of our favorite little European restaurants.  It was such a great evening…  we missed having Jason there, but he is busy getting the store ready to open in Portland and couldn’t get away.  We caught up on everything they’ve been doing since they moved and reminisced about all the crazy stuff we used to do together (since Peter lived across the road while we were growing up, he was in on many of our crazy adventures! 🙂  We laughed alot.  I love my sister so much.

And then, halfway through dinner, she unexpectedly pulled out an envelope and said that she and J have been praying and had something for us for the adoption… and HOLY SMOKES!  It was a HUGE check.  I was just flabbergasted and of course, started crying into my chardonnay… What an incredibly generous gift.  I felt so deeply encouraged — the sacrifice it represents means as much as the gift itself.  They are recently re-located newlyweds and are in no position to be handing out checks like this one.  We feel blessed and humbled…  God certainly does answer prayer — sometimes in completely unexpected ways!!

*Thank you guys, for blessing us so tremendously.  May the blessing come back to you pressed down, shaken together and running over!!!!!

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